Bladder Health

We all need to take care of our health especially the age group we are in now. At times, I post some tips for preventive medicine. Today's tip will be prostate and bladder health. If we all get an ultrasound of our prostates, I am sure majority will be diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. You all have learned laminar and turbulent flows; but this time, observe your urine flow. If you get irregular flow, the body is giving out warning signal already. That may include; dripping at the end of the flow. The healthy flow will end in a count of 1 to 6000. You may count 1001, 1002, 1003,,,,,,,,1006 and it should be over. If it gets beyond that, you need to get your nervous system checked up.

The normal bladder pattern:

·        *Average adult, about every 3 hours the bladders triggers the urge, 1 to 2 cups should be dispensed

· 0 or 1 times at night

·        * Coffee, soda or drugs may change the pattern


If you need to go multiple times at night, then that’s an overactive bladder and that needs to be reset

· If the nerves are pinched in the pelvic area, the bladder function is modulated accordingly.

Preventive measures

· Reset your bladder

· If you are visiting the toilet too often, then you are depleting your system of minerals, so add some good quality sea or Himalayan salt to your diet

· It will help you retain water and decrease urine output

· Get your nervous system checked

· Regular exercise

· Proper sleep

· Sufficient rest

· Prayer and meditation


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