Gallbladder Health

I am writing a few lines here for a brief intro to the function of gallbladder, and how to take care of your health in case you happen to get the gallbladder removed or still lucky to have it around where it should be.  

The stones in the gallbladder are made of the bile made by the liver. Where does the bile come from?....Follow the sequence….Comes from the liver…the liver makes it…the blood comes through spleen,,,,the spleen checks each blood cell and if not a viable one, sends it off to the liver, to break it down and make bile out of it. The gallbladder squeezes to emulsify the fats. The bile is used to breakdown fats so that the body can make hormones out of it. 


In that case the bile still comes out of the liver, it doesn't stop. It is always dripping in the duodenum. This may cause lesions in the intestinal tract, since the bile is caustic in nature. The body wont be able to absorb all the fats, except for a few like medium chain fats. Examples; coconut oil, grass fed organic butter, ghee. Having said that, the fat absorption by the body wont be as efficient when it didn have the gallbladder.

Therefore after gallbladder removal, one needs to do the following:

1. Add the above-mentioned fats in your diet.

2. Keep your blood healthy, (non-toxic). 

3. Get your nervous system checked by a corrective chiropractor to ensure there is an acceptable balance existing between parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to ensure a healthy tissue in your intestinal lining that may get deteriorated by constant bile irritation.

If you are lucky to still have the GALLBLADDER: Keep it healthy,,,how? By doing a flush. A cup of olive oil and a cup of  orange juice.  Drink these and sleep on your right side.  The gallbladder contracts massively when the olive oil hits the duodenum, releasing galls stones and flushing the liver.  However, must consult a corrective chiropractor who understands anatomy and physiology well as a gallbladder/liver flush/cleanse can be dangerous too if not done properly. The danger; The gallbladder opens up in the same opening as the pancreas. The gallstones may block that opening resulting in inflammation of pancreas or pancreatitis. If one has slow motility (the Peristaltic wave slows down) then the toxins are absorbed in the intestinal tract. Therefore ensure healthy gut motility and nerve supply. Do not flush the gallbladder/liver if one has less that 3 bowel movements a day. Get a colonic done. 

When done appropriately, the whole system gets rejuvenated and the body gets more energy to work.

Good luck to all in keeping yourself healthy.

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