Stents and Heart Attacks- The Real Picture

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The current medical infrastructure is built with cardiovascular centers as an essential component. The understanding; most heart attacks are caused by blockage (due to plaque build-up) of one or all of four coronary arteries supplying the heart. This plaque is composed of cholesterol, the narrowing of artery cuts off the blood supply to the heart muscle resulting in oxygen deficiency in that area. Angina occurs then followed by heart attack.

Simple Solution: unblock the artery by inserting a stent or angioplasty and bypass the area (if needed) by a grafting an artery taken out form the leg. The important question is; if cholesterol clogs arteries, why it doesn’t clog veins?

Now a few facts reported in literature regarding stents;

Stents cause higher death rate according to New England J of Medicine, by Cindy L Grine. The study found decreased blood flow after stent placement.

The first major autopsy study of patients dying of heart attacks was carried out in 1974 in Heidelberg. The study found that sufficient blockage to cause heart attack was found in just 2-% cases, Doerr et al, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg -New York, 1974.

The largest of such studies found sufficient blockage in 41% patients….The Etiopathogenesis  of Coronary Heart Disease: A Heretical Theory based on Morphology,, Landes, Bioscience 2004. A seven year study revealed that stents placement doesn’t save lives or prevent heart attacks, this intervention is accompanied by great placebo effect, J AM Coll Cardiology 2003, Oct 1, 42(7), 1161-70. In a 5 year study, the long term benefits of an early invasive strategy to reduce heart attacks and deaths could n be established,,,, J AM Coll Cardiol 2010; 55(9), 858-864.

The average death rate for bypass patients surpasses the heart patient without bypass surgery. Also, heart disease progresses faster in patients invasive surgery than those treated non-surgically.

Now coming to the million dollar question; what is causing these chest pains and heart attacks?Obviously not the clogged arteries., since the body is self regulating and self adjusting, secondary circuits are generated by the body to keep the heart supplied......One millions Americans die of heart attacks yearly. Do they have no access to medications/healthcare?

While diagnosing a patient for heart attack, the doctors don’t look at genetic expression, systemic inflammatory problems, (what is causing that), environmental factors, GM foods, lack of hydration, and the nervous system.

Then what is the cause of the heart attacks? imbalance in the nervous system and a decreased parasympathetic nerve supply…..Will briefly explain how….

The nervous system is the MASTER SYSTEM driving our bodies. It has two components, Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) and the Sympathetic Nervous System. (SNS). The PNS is the rest and digest component that repairs the body while we rest/sleep. Whereas the SNS is the fight/flight response component that fires up when we are in acute danger. The PNS is like a diesel engine that keeps the body going at a datum level for optimum functioning. Both components work in tandem, if one is up, the other is down, and vice versa. 

A LOW SNS ACTIVITY REDUCES BLOOD SUPPLY TO THE HEART….not the clogged arteries as perceived. ,,,,80% patients with heart attacks have been reported to have a reduced PNS activity……..J Electrocardiology 25:79-88.

PNS generates Nitric Oxide in addition to 2 more chemicals in response to processed foods and medications. The decrease in PNS activity is directly proportional to Nitric Oxide. Statin, Aspirin, Beta Blockers drastically reduce PNS activity thereby inviting a heart attack.

Need to take these cooking oils with polyunsaturated fats off the shelves of supermarkets. These oils block the oxygen supply to cells in our body. These are toxic, making our blood thick and toxic.

The American heart association is advising otherwise.

If you have unhealthy blood, BP and stress levels will increase, increasing the SNS activity, then PNS will go down,,,,,CASE OF INVITING A HEART ATTACK……….

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